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Covid-19 Pandemic Forces Postponement of 50th Annual Roho Fishing Tournament

Middlesboro, Ky - In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic which has altered the lives of people throughout the world and forced many to observe new practices such as, "social distancing", earlier this week the Middlesboro Roho Club made the decision to postpone its 50th annual fishing tournament designed to raise money to help the area's needy children around Christmas time.

The unprecedented decision followed several days of extensive discussion between club officers and numerous members of the long-time charitable organization, and was made in the interest of the health and safety of participants, club members, other personnel involved with the event, and to remain in-line with state and federally mandated rules and regulations presently in place.

Monday afternoon club member Alex Cook sent e-mail correspondence to fellow members announcing the event's postponement from May 2nd-3rd, to August 15th. In addition to the change in date, Cook stated another difference of this year's tournament is that it will now be held as a one-day event due to circumstances surrounding the change of date. "The scales will open Saturday August 15th at 8:00 a.m. and close at three o'clock that afternoon", said Cook. "We will then announce the fish prizes, conduct our live drawing for all door prizes, and then close the event with a drawing for a chance to win $50,000."

Following this year's tournament, proceeds from the event will be calculated and used with additional donations this December to take needy children from the Tri-State Area on a shopping spree to buy items such as clothes, toys, and shoes they wouldn't otherwise receive if not for the efforts of the Roho organization.

Since approximately 1970 the Roho Fishing Tournament has been held the first weekend of May to coincide with the running of the Kentucky Derby. Beach Island Marina, who serves as host of the tournament, was more than willing to accommodate us with another date so we can continue our tradition. Please continue to support our organization with purchasing tickets and sponsoring children.

Additional updates pertaining to this year's Roho Fishing Tournament can be viewed through the club's website,, or by following the club's Facebook page.

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