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2019 Roho Fishing Tournament Big Success

Middlesboro, Ky – Less than a week after the close of the 49th annual Roho Fishing Tournament, officials with the local non-profit organization announced this year’s tournament as one of the best on record in terms of proceeds raised to help the area’s needy children.

When the Roho Club formed in 1965, the fishing tournament was not yet the organization’s major fundraiser. Members worked collectively to raise funds to take five of the area’s needy children on a shopping spree that December, purchasing much needed clothing items, and a small number of toys for each child. A few years later, members of the organization voted on the idea of a fishing tournament to raise the money needed for the spree, with a $5.00-dollar ticket as the entry price. That move helped the tournament become a tremendous success, as it grew drastically in the years to follow.

Nearly two decades ago, the suggestion was made to implement a “child sponsor” program. The cost to sponsor a child would be $150.00 dollars, or 30 tickets, with $110.00 dollars going for clothes and $40.00 for toys during the December shopping spree. Once voted upon and approved, that idea took the organizations efforts to serve from less than 100 area children, to more than 300 in only a few years.

This year through individual ticket sales, the child sponsor program, and the support of local businesses, organizations, and area residents, the 2019 Roho Fishing Tournament raised nearly $50,000.00 dollars, with 328 children sponsored. These proceeds will be spent on a yet to be determined day at the Middlesboro Walmart this December on various grade school children as selected by educators and school administrators from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, which include five area counties.

The Roho Organization would like to thank all who supported this year’s tournament. Your kindness and generosity will allow the club to provide for 350 area needy children again this December. To view photos of this year’s tournament or to see door prize winners, visit the, or visit their Facebook page at Roho Charitable Trust.

2019 Roho Fishing Tournament Category Winners Species Place Name lbs. 10ths Largemouth 1st Chris Uhl 5 0.55 Largemouth 2nd Justin Stewart 4 0.75 Smallmouth 1st Steve Bailey 3 0.05 Smallmouth 2nd Bobby Abbott 3 0.03 Rock Fish 1st Johnny Vanover 15 0.00 Rock Fish 2nd Dona Vanover 10 0.25 Walleye 1st Lawrence Williams 2 0.3 Walleye 2nd Rufus Stewart 1 0.85 Crappie 1st Kayla Beeler 1 0.45 Crappie 2nd Jay Beeler 1 0.02 Bream 1st Carson Barton 0.90 Bream 2nd Lisa Roark 0.75 Catfish 1st Willis Burns 9 0.08 Catfish 2nd Kenneth Collins 7 0.07

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